Dr. Sonja Marzi

Sonja Marzi is an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the Department of Methodology and the Department of International Development. Her research is interdisciplinary and focuses on gendered urban and socio-spatial inequalities in Latin America cutting across the fields of International Development, Urban Geography and Sociology. Methodologically she uses participatory action research and is particularly interested in how we can do co-production and action research remotely during emergencies and situations where face-to-face research becomes impossible or undesirable

Sonja’s current research projects investigates urban challenges for marginalised women in relation to the use of urban space. By looking at how women, especially mothers and heads of household, negotiate aspects of their ‘right to the city’ in urban areas in Colombia, she aims at providing a greater understanding for their needs and aspirations within the city and for future urban development issues and processes.

Lina María Zuluaga

Lina Maria Zuluaga is an anthropologist working with communities in Latin America. She has a Master in Education and Human Rights and several years of experience in intervention projects with indigenous, peasant, afro and urban populations, working as a consultant in the implementation of research methodologies with national and international organisations on issues related to human rights, human security, gender and political issues. Currently, she is a member of the research group Conflicts, Violence and Human Security of Medellin, at the University of Antioquia.